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This privacy policy discloses all the practices and details of our Our privacy policy is applicable solely to the details collected by this website. Our privacy policy helps you understand what to expect when thetravelfares collects the data from our website.

ABC can be accessed or visited from the official website, which is With the help of our privacy policy norms, we intend to keep the privacy of our users totally secured. All kinds of information in regards to our privacy policy is included in the document. In case if you come across any confoundedness or question with respect to our privacy policy, feel free to reach out to us.


Cookies and JavaScript are considered as modern technology, which is being used by numerous websites all across the globe. The cookies and JavaScript are being used by the networks and the servers of third parties. It is also being used by the links and advertisements that are available on our website. With the help of automation, these are being sent to the browser of each user. Information regarding your IP address is also automatically being received by automatic technology.

We intend to acquire in-depth insights into our ad campaigns with the help of modern technology. It also assists in providing the personal touch to our ad campaigns that are active on the website.

Everything included in our privacy policy is specifically made for our website or all are web pages, this does not apply to third parties. Therefore, it is exceedingly recommended to the users to visit the third party 's website and make sure their norms match with you. This will allow you to acquire the precise information and clear all your queries.

NOTE – thetravelfares does not have any authority or control over the use of cookies when it comes to third-party advertisers.

All of the details and practices involved in our privacy policy are aimed to guide you on how you pick the particular options. You also get the option to disable the cookies as per your choice. The access of cookies can be denied by using different browsers options.

Our privacy policy is implemented for the outright activities being done online. The practices and instructions included in our privacy policy are applicable to all the users who use our website along with the details they share with our website.

It is exceedingly recommended for the parents to keep track of the online activities of their children.

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