Hobart – A Magnificent & Historical City with Enticing Locations

Hobart is the capital of an island in Australia which is known as Tasmania. It has always been a brilliant attraction for tourists all across the globe. In comparison with other major cities in Australia, Hobart is the smallest one, which is packed with a host of beautiful spots you can't miss. Renowned for its art festivals, Mona Foma, and Dark Mofo, there are tons of things that you are going to explore in this magnificent place.

The sparkling beautiful capital of Tasmania Island was once a brutal penal colony where numerous convicts were sentenced to plenty of years of hard laboring who worked with blood and sweat every day. But, now the city has embraced its rich history and is moving forward at a fast pace. The exceedingly appealing architectures built by the convicts and engrossing art galleries, museums are just the start of what Hobart holds for you. So, let's have a look at some of the best attractions in Hobart you must visit.

Summit of Kunyani/Mount Wellington

Whether it's winters of summers, you will get to witness the snow covering this mount every now and then. The stunning view from the location will let you rejoice your inner soul and provide you with unforgettable moments. But, make sure you take a warm top or a jacket to elude the cold wind around.

Port Arthur

The stunning location from the history brutal penal colony is something that you may have never seen. It is 95 km away from the southeast of Hobart, and this journey will allow you to witness some of the best sightseeing in Tasmania which will definitely leave you awestruck. The highway for Arthur winds from the lush farmland, inviting the beach's peninsula's most famous scenic coastline.

MONA – Museum of Old Art and New Art

MONA has always been a talk of the town when it comes to travel in Hobart. Introduced in 2011, it comprises provocative collections of private arts that are awe-inspiring. There are a bunch of facilities served in the place itself such as cinema, library, entertainment venues and plenty of other things.

And, we're not finished yet, traveling in Hobart is like collecting beautiful memories each hour and each day. Awaiting your visit, Hobart holds an array of places for you and there's no denying its future is looking way too rosy. Tourism is booming in Hobart and therefore making your decision easier to buy flight tickets and head to this vibrant city in a trice.